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1. From the General Overseer: 100 Days of Prayer Continues

2. Mission News; The High Cost of Leadership

3. Five Reasons to Teach on Stewardship Early in the Year

4. Ladies Retreats Update: Final Weekend for Fall Retreats

5. Voice of Salvation Team Travels to Israel

6. Why Prepare for Christian Ministry with the Tomlinson Center

7. News from North America

8. Upcoming Events

9. Transitions at the International Offices

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From the General Overseer: 100 Days Of Prayer Continues
Many thanks to all that have been a part of the 100 Days of Prayer. And for any others, you can join in any day and participate with thousands interceding for a new season of leadership in the Church of God of Prophecy.

There is a sense that the 100 Days of Prayer is generating a ground swell of intercession. You are part of that and from the International Offices we want to express our appreciation. We can feel it. Your prayers are stirring our hearts and bringing inspiration to our leadership. Be encouraged to know that we on the receiving end of such a wave of intercession already have testimonies of how God is helping and touching these new days of leadership.

This week has been a great opportunity to cover North America in prayer. Next week we will focus on Africa and the tremendous harvest opportunities there. From the front page of you can connect to follow the weekly (and daily) 100 Days of Prayer guide.

Christian history affirms one simple truth. Every great movement of God began with a prayer movement. As we pray together in the 100 Days of Prayer call, I believe we are laying the foundation for a new work of God in the Church of god of Prophecy. Let’s believe this together as our 100 Days of Prayer journey continues.

Missions News: The High Cost of Leadership

What if following Christ and leading Gods people meant death threats, armed police escorts, and hiding in secret locations, separated from your family? Bishop Dorlean, national leader of Haiti, is experiencing this unthinkable set of circumstances. The soft-spoken overseers deep passion and commitment to his people and the work of the Lord has certainly been tested in recent days.

We received a prayer plea from Brother Dorlean on November 23rd through Bob Vital-herne, one of the linguists in the World Language Department. The details were chilling – some individual or a group of people was trying to kill him. He said that heavily armed people had been looking for him in his neighborhood. On Monday night [November 20th] he had to be escorted by heavily armed police officers to his house. Out of concern for his safety, they took him to another location to spend the night, away from his family. He remains in an undisclosed venue and is unable to move about freely.

It is difficult for those of us who live and minister in the United States to grasp the incredible challenges of leading and living for Christ under such life-threatening conditions. Sharing Brother Dorleans heavy burden will mean at the minimum joining this global family at the Throne and naming his need before our Father.

Lets join together in this prayer. Dear Father, our hearts are moved because our precious Brother Dorlean and his family are under satanic attack. Gracious Lord, surround him with your invisible presence; assign angelic guards to protect him; release supernatural grace to encourage him; and embolden your servants to support him and one another. We pray against the corruption, violence, mayhem and despair that threatens the nation of Haiti. May your people in Haiti be united and emboldened to share the liberating gospel of the kingdom of God. Bring peace in the hearts, homes, streets and halls of government and may the light of the gospel illuminate every aspect of Haitian life and society. In the strong name of Jesus we pray, amen.

If you have chosen to engage with this in this battle for Brother Dorlean and the nation of Haiti, please let us know. I would love to send him your prayer-saturated notes of encouragement and faith-filled words to build his hope. I believe it will make a profound difference in the outcome.

For more information, contact: Retha Frankland, Global Outreach Ministries, by e-mailing

Five Reasons to Teach on Stewardship Early in the Year

By Brian Kluth of

1. People are open to “new starts” early in the year.

2. People are aware of the emptiness of materialism early in the year.

3. People need user friendly spiritual guidance and resources to help them in the New Year. I recently released a Bible devotional booklet called, “A 40-Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life” that churches are beginning to use around the country. This devotional takes people through 40 days of Bible readings with 400 verses on finances and generosity. …Churches have experienced 10 to 50% increases in their giving! For a free downloadable version and two free e-books on a “Pastor and Leader Guides to Increasing Church Giving,” visit

4. People have a tendency to want to pull back on their giving early in the year.

5. People need encouragement to start out the year right.

Visit this website ongoing for great stewardship resources.

For more information, contact: Liz Walters in Stewardship Ministries by e-mailing

Ladies Retreat Update: Final Weekend for Fall Retreats

Womens Ministries is in the Dominican Republic this weekend for our final weekend of the fall retreat season. We have enjoyed an anointed outpouring and celebrated the positioning of warriors in each and every retreat this fall season.

The emphasis on the Holy Spirit and His work in this critical day has been ordained of God and we have witnessed as an unusually high number of women have been blessed to be filled with the experience and power of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. More testimonies on the particular retreats will come next week through the Womens Ministries Newsletter.

We are also experiencing a refreshing response in increase of numbers as the season continues. The January issue of the White Wing Messenger will have an overview of the spring season. Please look for this information.

For more information, contact: John Payne, Women Ministries Department, by e-mailing

VOS Team To Israel

The Voice of Salvation Ministries team will travel to Israel December 1-10 to tape World Impact programs. VOS is being hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Delta Airlines. While there, Brother Wilson and the team will tape a series of programs dealing with prophetic and end-time themes. Program shoots will take place at several well-known locations including the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Garden Tomb and the valley of Megiddo (Armageddon). Interviews will also be made with contemporary Israelis giving an overview of what it is like to live in Israel during these prophetic times. Please be in prayer for this unique trip and the critical programs that will sound the trumpet of Christs soon return to our generation.

For more information, contact: Brittany Gillum, Voice of Salvation Ministries, by e-mailing

Why prepare for Christian Ministry with the Tomlinson Center?

-The Tomlinson Center will begin offering classes on January 10, 2007. (This is the third semester of the Tomlinson Center online.)

-Biblically based classes. (Wisdom Literature will be taught by Jack Anderson, Jr., the Gospel of John by Dr. H. E. Cardin, and the Minor Prophets by Tim Harper.)

-Work on a Certificate of Ministry as you pursue the SACS accredited Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts (6 hours of intermediate foreign languages) in Christian Ministries.

Classes Required for Certificate Program:

-Intro to the OT – BIB 101.

-Intro to the NT – BIB 102.

-Methods of Bible Study – BIB 261.

-The Gospel of John – BIB 204.

-The Synoptic Gospels – BIB 312.

-The Pastoral Epistles – BIB 304.

-Minor Prophets – BIB313.

-Wisdom Literature – BIB 303.

-Eight courses, three hours for each course, 24 hours for the certificate program. Fifty-percent (50%) of the hours must be earned by way of the Tomlinson Center in order to receive the Certificate of Ministry. The balance of the hours must be accepted by Lee and the director ensuring satisfaction of certificate requirements.

-Cost – An appointed COGOP pastor or leader will qualify for another fifty percent (50%) tuition scholarship which will be awarded after the student has successfully completed a semesters studies. That is, a COGOP will pay $131 per credit hour, instead of the $412 per credit hour if that same class were taken on Lee University campus.

For more information, contact: Dr. H.E. Cardin, Tomlinson Center Director, by e-mailing

News from the North America

Another new church has been planted in North America. On November 3rd a Spanish church was organized in St. George, Utah. Rose Lara is the pastor and the congregation is meeting at 188 East 300 South, St. George.

The Regional Overseer, Dr. Wallace Pratt writes This church was organized after many visits by District Overseer, William Blanscet and me. Over the last two years, many home prayer meetings have taken place in the home of Juan and Betty Flores. They have faithfully prayed ever since they moved there ten years ago. In June of this year our associate pastor at West Valley, Utah, Rose Lara and her husband Luis received a burden and calling from the Lord to move there and Luis got a job working in the city. Since they moved there in August more than twelve have been saved. There are many more that are participating in discipleship training and desiring to become members soon. A beautiful church has been rented that they will share with another independent English-speaking group. The harvest is truly ripe in this city of 30,000, since this is the first Spanish-speaking Pentecostal church organized in this area. The population is nearly fifty-percent Hispanic and the potential is unlimited. Please pray for us and the growth of this new church.

For more information, contact: Melva Pohlner, North American Presbyters Office, by e-mailing

Upcoming Events

January 2007

Nashville, Tennessee – CLAIM Childrens Ministry Training, January 13, 2007

Camp Boothe, AL – Childrens Ministries Training, February 2-3, 2007

Los Angeles, CA – Childrens Ministries Training, February 17, 2007

San Jose, CA – Childrens Ministries Training, February 24, 2007

Brooksville, FL – C: Takin It to Heart (Childrens Ministries), February 9-10, 2007

Salisbury, MD – East Coast School of Ministry, February 1-2, 2007

Newark, NJ – Atlantic Northeast Ladies Retreat, March 30 – April 1, 2007

Warda, TX – Texas Relational Ministry Conference, March 16-17, 2007

Alix, Alberta – Western Canada Center for Biblical Leadership Conference, April 23-27, 2007

Murphy, NC – Easter Program, April 7, 2007

Hoboken, NJ – Runnin the Race (Childrens Ministries) – Bilingual, April 7, 2007

Toronto, Ontario – East Canada Leadership Development Institute, April 30-May 4, 2007
Cleveland, TN – Leadership Development Institute, April 17-21, 2007

Mempis, TN – CM: Takin It to Heart (Childrens Ministries), April 21, 2007
England – European Ladies Retreat, April 13-15, 2007

Greeley, CO – Colorado Relational Ministry Conference, May 11-12, 2007

Des Moines, IA – Great Plains Ladies Retreat, May 4-6, 2007
Murphy, NC – Gospel Concert at Fields of the Wood, May 26, 2007

Providence, RI – CM Takin IT to Heart, May 5, 2007

Cleveland, TN – Institute of Childrens Ministry, May 23-26, 2007

For more information, contact: Shaun McKinley, Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer by e-mailing or call (423) 559-5209

Transitions at the International Offices

The International Offices announces the following transitions during the month of November.

Matthew Hyatt, leaving the Information Technology Services for a position with the Tennessee Valley Authority

Mary Jo Marrow, retiring from Fields of the Wood

Steve Spears, leaving Voice of Salvation Ministries as Producer to serve as Associate Pastor of the Peerless Road Church in Cleveland, Tennessee

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