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The High Cost of Leadership
What if following Christ and leading God’s people meant death threats, armed police escorts, and hiding in secret locations, separated from your family? Bishop Dorlean, national leader of Haiti, is experiencing this unthinkable set of circumstances. The soft-spoken overseer’s deep passion and commitment to his people and the work of the Lord has certainly been tested in recent days.
We received a prayer plea from Brother Dorlean on November 23rd through Bob Vital-herne, one of the linguists in the World Language Department. The details were chilling – some individual or a group of people was trying to kill him. He said that heavily armed people had been looking for him in his neighborhood. On Monday night [November 20th] he had to be escorted by heavily armed police officers to his house. Out of concern for his safety, they took him to another location to spend the night, away from his family. He remains in an undisclosed venue and is unable to move about freely.
It is difficult for those of us who live and minister in the United States to grasp the incredible challenges of leading and living for Christ under such life-threatening conditions. Sharing Brother Dorlean’s heavy burden will mean at the minimum joining this global family at the Throne and naming his need before our Father. Let’s join together in prayer: Dear Father, our hearts are moved because our precious Brother Dorlean and his family are under satanic attack. Gracious Lord, surround him with your invisible presence; assign angelic guards to protect him; release supernatural grace to encourage him; and embolden your servants to support him and one another. We pray against the corruption, violence, mayhem and despair that threatens the nation of Haiti. May your people in Haiti be united and emboldened to share the liberating gospel of the kingdom of God. Bring peace in the hearts, homes, streets and halls of government and may the light of the gospel illuminate every aspect of Haitian life and society. In the strong name of Jesus we pray, amen.
If you have chosen to engage with this in this battle for Brother Dorlean and the nation of Haiti, please let us know. I would love to send him your prayer-saturated notes of encouragement and faith-filled words to build his hope. I believe it will make a profound difference in the outcome.
For more information, contact: Retha Frankland, Global Outreach Ministries, retha@cogop.org.
Douglas R. Stephenson drstep@aol.com>, Chaplaincy Endorsing Agent for the Church of God of Prophecy is requesting prayer for Chaplain Don Yancey Don.Yancey@arkansas.gov>, a bishop in the CoGoP in Arkansas who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is scheduled for Surgery January 16, 2007. Don writes, “It is fine if you want to share it. I need the prayers.”
We join in prayers for Brother Don Yancey and his wife Brenda and the entire Yancey family.
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