1Night lock in

Bro. McKinley-

Just wanted to let you know about the 4th annual 1Night lock-in held last night at the Gallatin Civic Center.

Around 190 youth showed up for a night of games, fun,a lot of give aways, and a lot of food.  Robby George put together an excellent staff that was prepared to show the love of Christ to kids from across the midstate area.

Pastor Bobby Peoples presented a challenge for the youth to not believe the lies the world has spoken about them but to live the truth of Christ.  Eleven  young people responded to the call to accept Christ or to be strengthened in their walk with Christ.

This was followed by a challenge by Senior Camp director, Victor Rodriguez, for them to be bold in their faith and not to be ashamed.  Victor also plugged Senior and Teen Camps, inviting a large group of youth that normally do not attend our camps at Camp Hickory Hills.

It was an excellent job by Robby and Beth George and their staff.  Thank you to all the volunteers from Lakeside, Bellshire, Roberts Tabernacle, Portland, and Watertown.  A big thank you to the Pedigo family from Roberts Tabernacle for all of the donations the got for the lock-in.

And last, but definitely not least, thank you to our Lord for providing safety, wisdom, love, and salvation for the young people at 1Night.

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